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Then this from US  board certified Plastic Surgeon Dr. Jeff Zwiren at Prima Center for Plastic Surgery in Atlanta Georgia describing the anti-aging benefits of a skin care program centered on rejuvenating dermal collagen and elastin reversing visible signs of aging


And this from independent Aestheticians who love Beaute Pacifique.

In Denmark and 22 other countries the Beaute Pacifique range is causing a huge interest – should you wish to discuss the products with our team please contact us directly.

The Beauté Pacifique products are efficient products that repair and normalize the skin. We have had fantastics responses from our customers. Visible results are seen after just a short time of using the products in their skincare routine.

Read some of the real stories we gathered:-
SKIN LIKE AN ANGEL This is the story about Willy. For many years he could not wear shorts during summer. It’s history now. Willy says it feels like heaven. When summer comes, he can now put on a pair of shorts.Willy had cancer, and the treatment damaged his skin, especially the skin on his legs were dry and full of wounds, most of the time the wounds became inflamed. The skin itched and it was very unpleasant for Willy. This changed after Willy met Gitte. Gitte is the Beauté Pacifique Trainer today. When they met, Gitte was a Beauté Pacifique Consultant then. That day, Gitte was scheduled to visit a department store in Aalborg, the 4th biggest city in Denmark. Gitte spotted Willy through the glass windlow. He was sitting on a bench outside the store and scratching his legs. As Gitte observed him for a while, she decided to approach Willy and asked if Willy would let her see his legs. After seeing the damaged skin, Gitte went back and took a Body Lotion for dry skin. Gitte applied the product to one of Willy’s legs and told him to walk around and come back after 1~2 hours to tell her if there were any difference. After an hour, Willy returned to the department store and told Gitte, that he felt great. Since that day Willy continue using Beauté Pacifique products only and today his skin is strong and soft.

PSORIASIS CONDITION Psoriasis is a common persistent skin disorder in which there are red, thickened areas with silvery scales, most often on the scalp, elbows, knees, and lower back. Severe psoriasis may cover large areas of the body. The cause of psoriasis is unknown. The goal in treating psoriasis is to reduce inflammation and to control the shedding of the skin. Moisturizing creams and lotions loosen scales and help control itching. Special diets have not been successful in treating psoriasis, except in isolated cases.

Case 1 – A Norwegian woman. She has psoriasis on both her hands for many years, and it was troubling her social life to such a degree that she feared shaking hands. She tried products after products but found none that could help her to get rid of the symptoms. Then one day, she met a Beauté Pacifique Consultant on a ferry who told her that the X-Tra Dry Skin Fix is able to help her. Indeed, the X-Tra Dry Skin Fix did help her, as she phoned in to thank Beauté Pacifique. Now she no longer has symptoms and she shakes hands with other people without being embarassed of her hands. products


Case 2 – Louise. When Louise discovered one day that she was covered with psoriasis, her only warning had been a spot on her leg, that the doctor told her before that it looked like psoriasis. Louise then bought all kinds of over-the-counter drugs to get rid of the psoriasis but nothing helped. Years later, Louise met Dermatologist Uffe Gjede and he suggested her to try Beauté Pacifique’s Body Lotion for Dry Skin. Louise felt the obvious the very next day. She used to have to apply greasy creams several times a day but now with this body lotion, it’s not necessary anymore. She’s now a faithful user of this body lotion and her skin condition has improved greatly.