Line Combat Fluid

Line Combat Fluid


Product Description

  • Works as a Neuro-blocker
  • Muscle relaxing/delineating like a mild Botulinum Toxin effect on expression lines
  • Reduces dark line appearance by adding light emission to deep lines and furrows
  • Active collagen firming and tightening of deep dermal tissues



Beauté Pacifique Line Combat Fluid works to correct expression lines caused by relaxation of underlying muscles. The product features a dual muscle relaxant effect achieved by a unique ingredient combination. The first key ingredient is synthetic and modified snake venom that works to paralyse muscles and acts in combination with the spilanthes acmella flower, a newly discovered botanical extract that blocks neuro-transmission to muscles for a non-invasive effect similar to that of botulinum toxin. A light-emitting substance is added to help deep furrows appear lighter and shallower. Note – the effect is reversible if skin is left untreated for a few days.



Apply first using a circular motion into deep expression lines (forehead, eyes, around mouth/lips, neck, and chest). Allow the product to penetrate for a few minutes and then re-apply using zigzag motions across the lines to disperse the light-emitting ingredient.


Allow product a few minutes to absorb before following with any of the Anti-Age Creams/Serums and/or Moisturizers.


Optional: Before putting on makeup, place a tiny amount along the crease of the expression line to allow the light-emitting qualities of this amazing product to reduce the appearance of the wrinkle even further.



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